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What’s in My Bag: Late Autumn Edition

No gnomes. (This time.) The pictures below is actually what was in my bag yesterday, though it’s representative of the season: My fall bag is a fairly standard Jansport I snagged from the school bookstore a couple of years ago. Contents: Federal Income Tax: Individual (condensed regulations, casebook, notebook), school bookstore/Duane Reade. Parrot & Olivier … Continue reading

What’s In My Bag: Beware of Gnomes

A couple of days ago Miss Cristina inquired of the internet: What is in your bag? Below, slightly delayed, is my answer. Warning: contains hockey gnomes. The bag, which is my every-day bag, is by Tignanello; I acquired it a couple of weeks ago at Macy’s (on sale, as well!) and I love it. It’s … Continue reading