Answering the question of “So what is this?” is awkward, as I am actually not sure if what I am doing is a blog, an art project, or an art project in the shape of a blog. Initially it was supposed to be an actual print magazine, but I have scaled back a bit. Though if I can someday give it physical form, I will.

In any case, here is what I am trying to do: create something for ladies of all shapes, sizes, races, gender-presentations and sexual preferences that focuses on something other than sex, lipstick, more sex, and what we need to do to please the men/partners in our lives, or get a man/partner in our life, if we have none. (And if there are gentlemen out there who want to read it too, by all means pull up a virtual chair.)

I called it One Two Three Four, which makes it sound like a music magazine. It’s not, but there will doubtless be posts on musical topics. It’s more about the many ways one can be counted in.

The subjects covered will be defined as Things I Like, and will probably include gadgets that don’t have anything to do with beauty products and websites that are not about shopping, though there will be a fair amount on shoes, handbags, clothes and Stupid Crap That Goes In Your Hair, as well as the occasional book review, and (hopefully) some Useful Travel Advice.

ETA 2019: And now I’ve also added some recipes.

Thanks for visiting, please come back again!

– Jennifer



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