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What’s in My Bag: Late Autumn Edition

No gnomes. (This time.) The pictures below is actually what was in my bag yesterday, though it’s representative of the season:

My fall bag is a fairly standard Jansport I snagged from the school bookstore a couple of years ago.


Federal Income Tax: Individual (condensed regulations, casebook, notebook), school bookstore/Duane Reade.

Parrot & Olivier in America, by Peter Carey – I apparently liked the premise of this book so much I bought it twice, once here, once in England. I gave the extra (English) copy away to a friend. It’s a good book; the prose is very dense. It is maybe not the best thing to try and focus when muzzy-headed, but I’m almost done with it now.

2 pair gloves, Duane Reade (I may have gone on a teeny, tiny, winter-accessories shopping spree when I went in to get more cough medicine.)

Cough & allergy meds, Duane Reade

Umbrella, Duane Reade

Small vat of Diet Snapple, 7-11

Concert ticket, Sebastian Bach (which I didn’t go to, because I was sick and exhausted, but forgot to take out of the bag)

Godiva milk chocolate bar wrapper (I ate the chocolate), grocery store

laptop and case

pashmina scarf, hole in the wall in the East Village (you can get them pretty much anywhere in town.)



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