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Occasion: A Walk in the Park

This initially intended to be our beach excursion, but then Irene came to town, and foiled our plans. So instead Joy and I voyaged up to Fort Tryon Park and went for a stroll. There are no beaches in Fort Tryon Park, but there are some pretty flowers:


Shirt: Rubblebucket, bought at the Brooklyn Bowl show, 8/19/2011            

Skort: Lilly Pulitzer, Upper East Side store, New York, June 2011

Bracelet: Custom leatherwork with bridle leather, Mike Austin, Erie, PA, 2001

Which sometimes attract butterflies:



Also there are great views of the Hudson and the George Washington Bridge:


Ankle-high cowboy boots: Maine Woods, vintage 1980s-1990s; Etsy, August 2011


Here is Joy watching the sun set over the river from a different angle, with her banjolele:


A close-up of her earrings (Modcloth, 2009) and her fabulous sunglasses (Fredflare.com, 2011):


And then some last looks at the whole outfit:



The other thing Fort Tryon Park has is lots of quiet places to sit down and commune with nature. This dress is especially well-suited to communing with nature, as it has previously survived a dunking in the Hudson:



Dress: Piko 1988; Clobba, Haight & Clayton Sts, San Francisco, summer 2011

This dress is a park all by itself:


Dress: Karen Lucas for Niki , vintage 1980s; Etsy, July 2011                          

Hairclips: Beauty store, Harlem, July 2011


We’re big fans of pattern mixing here at One Two Three Four, however, sometimes, one can take it too far. Joy and I decided this particular combination was more of a Fashion Don’t:


Scarf: Murfee Scarf, Lilly Pulitzer; Upper East Side store, New York, Summer 2011

That picture doesn’t even really do it justice; it’s a lot more alarming in person. To recover from the shock of collision of cabbage roses and conch shells, we took a leisurely stroll up to the place where they keep the dramatic stone arches:


Much refreshed, we then began wending our way home. We stopped on the way for one final shot of Joy and the GW Bridge –


– before decamping to Gristedes to gather our hurricane supplies, and retiring to my apartment to wait out the storm.



One thought on “Occasion: A Walk in the Park

  1. Hi Joy!! I finally got around to checking out the photo shoot I heard about!! The dress fits you perfectly!! ‘Love the park y’all were at too. So pretty! Thanks for sharing! Jen with PumpernickelVintage@etsy.com

    Posted by Jen | October 25, 2011, 7:15 pm

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